What is this site?

The font says mid-aughts Apple marketing, while the content, I hope, shits on Apple and gives its CEO qi-stirring breathing techniques as cancer medicine. But for now, it’s host to a few essays I wrote in school and some chapter outlines from Marx, so viva la revolución.


Plus, I like the font. Whatever.


K-punk (RIP, Mark) declared that the blog phenomenon was entering its own 1970s back in 2003. Add sixteen years, factor in some weird, late-stage internet logic, and you just may have the fully-automated-luxury-gay-space-communism era of blogging. Or, perhaps blog is dead and thus spoke Zarathustra.


Either way, if this blog captures an inkling of the depth, entertainment level, or searing criticism of a failing system that k-punk achieved, I’ll be content.


In sum: I don’t know what this site is. That’s the thrill. I’ll write and share and stare at my traffic stats, pompously declaring myself free from the ever-clenching grips of Facegram/Instabook/[enter choice of techno-fascist surveillance state company here]. Don’t worry; I’ll get my dopamine fix (“All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects!”).

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